Stephanie Gagnon, RMT


All services are personalized to suit each individual needs.  An assessment prior to treatment will determine clients' goals and expectations, as well as decide the best course of treatment.  You may benefit from a result based approach, or prefer a restful and relaxing experience.


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is aimed at treating a specific condition, correcting dysfunction and/or used to alleviate muscle pain and tension.  The use of Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, stretching, trigger point release and hydrotherapy are some of the modalities used for this type of massage. Basically, if you want a massage that you can really feel, than this is the one for you!


Relaxation Massage

Much like the Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage uses Swedish techniques as the base for treatment.  During a relaxation Massage, long flowing strokes are used to calm and sooth muscular tension.  The rhythm is very slow and repetitive to distract the mind and allow a deeper sense of relaxation.  If you suffer from stress or anxiety this type of treatment is indicated.


Craniosacral Therapy

This is a soft touch therapy that focuses on improving overall health and well-being, by restoring and supporting your central nervous system’s optimal functionality.  A deeply relaxing and soothing experience, that may seem so subtle in impact, but can produce profound, positive changes.  This is a great way to improve and strengthen your mind-body awareness.


Somatoemotional Release

It is believed that over time our natural vitality diminishes as a result of stress, trauma and injury. Most of us will address the physical symptoms of those occurences, yet we rarely address the energy and possibly even emotions that were stored along with them.  Over time this trapped stagnation may manifest in low energy, negative mood or depression, physical pain or dysfunction and even disease.   Somatoemotional release is a Craniosacral modality used to address that trapped stagnation.  By releasing the stored emotions and low-vibration energy, a person will start to feel lighter, more optimistic, reduced pain and gain an overall sense of well being.  These treatments are truly transformational.



Whatever type of treatment you chose, please know that I am committed to providing the best possible care.  Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and I want everyone to leave my office feeling better than when they walked in.